YearnClassic Finance (YFIC) Rebranding Announcement

Today we are thrilled to announce that the YearnClassic Finance (YFIC) will be rebranding to the YearnAgnostic Finance (YFIAG).

The team and its advisory board have come to an agreement that it is essential for the project to undertake this rebranding milestone before going live on exchanges.

It is important to know that the core goal of the project remain the same: Bringing Blockchain Agnostic into the DeFi Ecosystem, while supporting decentralized finance (DeFi) projects deployed on Ethereum blockchain, Binance smart chain, Tron chain etc., focusing on simplicity, user experience, security, privacy, and fueling global adoption.

Primary reasons for rebranding;

  • To properly align the name of the project to match its goals and vision. We believe the new name of YearnAgnostic Finance (YFIAG) will give us a fresh start to the journey of global adoption of a DeFi Ecosystem that interoperates across multi-chains.

The rebranding comes with the following;

The new brand name of YearnAgnostic Finance and its ticker name YFIAG come with a new audited smart contract address: 0xd40adfF097E3cde2b96D81A4727F3E47093F3405

2. New Staking Platform and Exchange Listing

We have a new staking product that has already been integrated with YFIAG smart contract. Once you unstake your YFIC, you can immediately start staking on the new YFIAG staking platform to earn more YFIAG tokens.

We encourage all YFIC holders that are presently staking to unstake and swap their token for the new YFIAG token, which will be the project official token that can be traded on exchanges.

All YFIC token holders will receive an equivalent amount of YFIAG token directly into their wallets prior to the start of trading on exchanges.

3. New Website and Products Launches

During this rebranding phase, the current website will be replaced by a new website that is currently under development. This is also in tandem with our promise on our roadmap to deliver a new website in Q4 of 2020.

Starting from today, November 29th 2020, you will see a few changes like a new logo and new token name YearnAgnostic Finance (YFIAG) on the old website, while the new website and products launches will be unveiled in the coming days, stay tuned!

4. Incremental Token Burning Process

YearnAgnostic Finance (YFIAG) will adopt incremental token burning to limit the total number of YFIAG tokens in circulation. This process will allow reduction of the total supply of YFIAG tokens in the market and likely contribute to an appreciation of the token price.

After presale of YFIC tokens, there will be immediate incremental burn of equivalent amounts of unsold YFIC tokens from the YFIAG total supply. Similarly, 10% of raised funds will be used to buyback and burn YFIAG tokens after presale incrementally. This action will not only prevent people from dumping, but also would effectively increase and stabilize the price of YFIAG tokens.

YearnAgnostic (YFIAG) Token Specifications

Token Ticker: YFIAG

Decimal: 18

YFIAG Smart Contract Address: 0xd40adfF097E3cde2b96D81A4727F3E47093F3405

YearnAgnostic (YFIAG) Token Tokenomics

Team & Advisor tokens: 15% of total supply

Presale: 40% of total supply

Staking rewards: 20% of total supply

Giveaway: 5% of total supply

Marketing & Development: 13% of total supply

Future Development: 7% of total supply

Thank you for your ongoing support and faith in the Project.

Team YearnAgnostic Finance (YFIAG)