YearnAgnostic (YFIAG) Staking is Live

This is about 3 days since the token sale ended. The team has been working round the clock to continuously deliver on their promises. Today we are happy to announce that the YearnAgnostic staking platform is live. Holders of YFIAG tokens can immediately commence staking their tokens to earn more YFIAG token rewards. We encourage those that are still staking YFIC to unstake and inform the team to swap their YFIC token for YFIAG.


  1. Open YearnAgnostic website ( on Google chrome browser and click on “STAKE YFIAG” tab located at upper right side on the homepage OR use this direct link to connect to the Staking page:
  2. In order to stake your token, make sure you have already connected your Wallet (E.g. Metamask wallet, Trust wallet etc.)
  3. Click on “Connect Wallet” on this Staking page:
  4. Once connected, you also need to approve any required confirmations
  5. To start staking, simply input the amount of YFIAG tokens you wish to stake, click stake and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  6. In case the staking fee is above $20, you can edit the gas fee by clicking the edit button above the gas fee, then choose either slow, average or fast and then click Save, and confirm the transaction.


  • 5% (50,000) of total supply locked in staking pool
  • Yearly APR: 100%
  • Per Month: 8.3%
  • Per Day: 0.27%
  • Staking fees: 1.0% fee for staking, 0.5% fee for unstaking, 0% fee for claim.


  • Token Name: YearnAgnostic
  • Token Ticker: YFIAG
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000 YFIAG
  • Staking Reward Allocation: 5% (50,000) of Total Supply.




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