yAgnostic Product Development Updates — May 5th

yAgnostic product release coming soon 🚀

2 min readMay 5, 2021

The team is pleased to bring to our dear community the yAgnostic development progress report for this week. The team is working round the clock in ensuring that promises on our roadmap for Q1 to Q2 2021 are met.

Stay tuned for our upcoming product release!

To better understand the flow and the process of delivering the product, we’ve categorized the progress by stages as shown below;

*Stages already passed and implemented are marked with (!)
*Stages already passed and implemented exactly this week with (!!)

Back-end for Ethereum secure Vault Solution Roadmap:

● Back-end service for proposals (!)
● Subgraph (in testing+front-end integration)
● Front-end integration (in progress)
● Front-end restyling (!)
● 4 DeFi strategies development
○ CompoundNoFoldStrategy (Unit tests coverage in progress)
○ CRVStrategyStable (Unit tests coverage in progress)
○ CRVStrategyWRenBTC and CRVStrategyWRenBTCMix (Unit tests coverage in progress)
○ CRVStrategyYCRV (Unit tests coverage in progress)

Binance Smart Chain secure Vault Solution Roadmap:

● BSC configuration (!)
● Bridge contracts (!)
● Relayer (in progress)
● Front-end expanding (in progress)
● Subgraph expanding (in progress)

Scope delivered

Below you can find the details on work done by the team:

● Ethereum DeFi Strategies Development + Bridge contracts:
○ Adequate reviewed of bridge smart contracts and scripts
○ Adequate reviewed of strategies
○ Checked the compliance of the strategies with the specification
○ Fixed strategies interfaces and removed/changed wrong operations
○ Code reviewed and merged strategies and bridge branches
○ Covering strategies with Unit tests (in progress)

● Subgraph extending for bridge functionality:
○ Updated entities for querying transaction data properly
○ Fixed mathematics calculation
○ Added text search fields for querying via partial text Bridge implementation
○ Added services for connecting eth and bsc networks
○ Updated db, add new tables for storing already processed blocks for each network
○ Added interval service which is looking for new transactions and sends token from another network
○ Updated config for new functionality

● Front-end Integrations:
○ Continue integration of the front-end with Subgrap

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