yAgnostic Product Development Updates — May 5th

yAgnostic product release coming soon 🚀

To better understand the flow and the process of delivering the product, we’ve categorized the progress by stages as shown below;

Back-end for Ethereum secure Vault Solution Roadmap:

● Back-end service for proposals (!)
● Subgraph (in testing+front-end integration)
● Front-end integration (in progress)
● Front-end restyling (!)
● 4 DeFi strategies development
○ CompoundNoFoldStrategy (Unit tests coverage in progress)
○ CRVStrategyStable (Unit tests coverage in progress)
○ CRVStrategyWRenBTC and CRVStrategyWRenBTCMix (Unit tests coverage in progress)
○ CRVStrategyYCRV (Unit tests coverage in progress)

Binance Smart Chain secure Vault Solution Roadmap:

● BSC configuration (!)
● Bridge contracts (!)
● Relayer (in progress)
● Front-end expanding (in progress)
● Subgraph expanding (in progress)

Scope delivered

Below you can find the details on work done by the team:



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