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1 min readMar 22, 2022

Early project adopters are always well-positioned to benefit the most. As they stick with the project from the very beginning, they deserve to enjoy the fruits of success. If you are a member of a cross-chain aggregator platform, your profit is multiplied by a thousand 🙌

The YFIAG token gives you access to all in-house products within the YearnAgnostic ecosystem. Moreover, participants enjoy the benefits of a high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) while staking their YFIAG tokens on the Legend Hand (YFIAG staking platform).

How to use the Legend Hand:

Step 1: Go to and ensure that you are on the Binance chain network when connecting your wallet.
Step 2: Swap your YFIAG Tokens from ERC20 to YFIAG BEP20 tokens using the cross-chain bridge (
Step 2: Insert the amount of YFIAG BEP20 tokens you are willing to lock and select the lock period plan.
Step 3: Take action by clicking on the staking button.

For more information about the Legend Hand, please check:

Thank you and please stay tuned for our upcoming BIG announcements🔊🔇🔇💥

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